Power Commander

The newest and most exciting Dynojet dealer in Essex. The very latest in Dynojet's products along with a 250i dynamometer with Eddy Current brake, Torque Module for static torque and horsepower readings, 'real time' air fuel read out and speed controlled fans to simulate the ram air effect experienced on the road or track.

'Essex Performance Centre' gives you much more than your regular Dyno centre, Ultrasonic carburettor and injector cleaning, digital carburettor and throttle body balancing, 'Superflow' flow bench for gas flowing and testing of cylinder heads and intake components.

How much additional horsepower will the Power Commander give me?

Well that can depend upon many things but what we can tell you is "The perfect air/fuel ratio will ensure that the engine can produce the maximum possible horsepower for that given combination". We must also understand that a typical street rider spends a great deal of time riding in part throttle conditions. Shown below are two graphs of a motorcycle before and after installation of the Power Commander.

The top graph shows the horsepower curve accelerating at a 40% throttle opening and the lower graph shows the corresponding air / fuel ratio. You can see a large horsepower increase between the two. The red curve shows a typical stock motorcycle with minor performance modifications (slip-on exhaust). The blue curve shows that same combination with the PC installed and you can see that the line is nearly straight. So the rider will feel a large improvement while riding the motorcycle and it is very possible that the peak wide open throttle horsepower is unchanged. The correct air/fuel ratio number (say 12.9:1 or 13.2:1) depends upon many factors like combustion chamber design but what we want is that figure at every point in the curve (straight line).